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Red Sox Win Santana?


La Velle's latest mentions two possible Boston offerings, although he hints that a deal including both Lester and Ellsbury does have a hint of happening. "What's all this one in a million stuff?!?" Additionally the Angels have officially joined into the mix, and as expected names like Jared Weaver and Brandon Wood lead LEN's speculation.

Joe Christensen spoke with a scout who doesn't show much faith in possible trade piece Jed Lowry of the Red Sox. The same scout believes Alexi Casilla is a more well-rounded prospect, leading Joe to the "buzz" that the Twins may now be looking at a 5-for-1 deal for Johan Santana.

KFAN 1130 am is reporting that a fifth player has been added to the rumored package from Boston, adding to information that Peter Gammons has already broke. The fifth player is Ryan Kalish.


[From this morning] Rumored package to include Jon Lester, Justin Masterson, Jed Lowrie and Coco Crisp.

Over at LEN III's blog at, he reports that the Twins may be in the final stages of a deal that would net four Boston players--two pitchers, a second baseman/shorstop and a centerfielder.

Ken Rosenthal

Over the Monster, SBNation's Boston Red Sox site. Epstein, GM of the year? If this is the deal, I'll agree 100%.

Once again, Cmathewson beats me to the punch.