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Winter Meetings Wrap: Day 2

Not much happening today, either.

Again, a whole lot of actual talking and a whole lot of no actual action.  Medical reports were exchanged on Johan Santana and Jon Lester, but despite numerous package rumors no deal has been struck.  For today's information, toggling between LEN III's blog and should get you most of what you need to know.  Tueday's highlights were as follows.

  •  Infielder Chris Basak was removed from the 40-man roster, meaning that while he's doomed once again to another season in AAA the Twins have cleared another precious spot to leave the Twins with 38 players.
  •  La Velle says that the Twins have NOT been told by the Yankees that talks are closed, which comes as a mild surprise considering what Hank Steinbrenner has insisted all day.  Then on the other hand it isn't much of a surprise because this sort of thing has been the Yankees MO, and apparently having a loud mouth is a Steinbrenner genetic trait.
  •  With Angels General Manager Tony Reagins denying any interest in "starting pitching" today, it seems neither Los Angeles team is making a push to bump Boston from the top of the Santana hill.
  •  Joe Nathan continues to be quoted saying he believes he won't be traded before opening day.
  •  When Detroit swung a mega-deal bringing in Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, there were thoughts that some teams who had missed out on Cabrera would open some interest in Johan.  That didn't happen.
Good night, Twins fans.  See you tomorrow.