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Rolling on Day Three

Right Side of Jesse's Brain:  Gee willikers, it's been awfully quiet this morning!

Left Side of Jesse's Brain:  A little too quiet.  WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON?!?

From everything I've read this morning, there have been no new discussions regarding our favorite starting pitcher and his potential suitors.  Or suitor.  As things sit right now Johan is still a Twin, and no matter what certain media outlets may tell you this isn't a bad thing.

If the Twins aren't happy with a package offered for Santana, they shouldn't feel compelled to bite.  Being under contract for one more year gives the Twins a lot of time to re-up their situation, whether this means biding their time until a better offer comes along or if it means swallowing a little pride and giving Johan the money and years he's asking for on a contract extension.  In fact, extending Johan would put the Twins in a better negotiating position if they feel they'd want to deal him in the future.

It's been a quiet morning, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.  Also be sure to post your own musings and latest updates here.

[11:30 am CST: Peter Gammons Update] Gammons has reported that the Twins will likely leave the Winter Meetings with Johan Santana still on the roster. This could be a very quiet day after all, in spite of that "quiet before the storm" environment that was happening earlier. Turns out the "quiet before the storm" was just "nothing is happening".

[Noon Update] MLB Trade Rumors and are reporting that the Twins have expressed interest in the availability of Rangers third baseman Hank Blalock.

[3:30 pm CST Update] Here's a transcript of a press interview with Ron Gardenhire. Meanwhile, La Velle hears rumblings that the Mariners and Mets want to sneak into the Santana blah blah blah. Oh, and then there's this which doesn't seem realistic: Couresy of