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Distance, In Space and Time

Amazing how a blizzard can seem to distance you from what you love...

Baseball (well, real baseball) is just around the corner.  About a month from now, actually, is when the regular season begins.  You all know how I feel about baseball:  I love it.  I love the Twins, more specifically.  I know for a fact that no matter how long this snow sticks around, come April 1 it's all about summer.

Love is a bizarre thing.  Obviously there are the highs, but if it really is love, then there are the lows as well.  Because no matter how upset you get, love will see you through the tough times.  Unless you cancel the cable.

Every summer I'm reminded why I keep coming back to baseball.  It's the hope and promise, the excitement made sweeter via the necessary disappointments, and all of the little details and amazing moments in the everyday.  Distance, in space and time, cannot kill love provided you take the time to cultivate it.

Tonight, with more than just a little luck, I'll be on a plane to England so I can marry a girl who I've spent more time away from than together during our engagement.  Love, in life and in baseball, requires patience.

And some of you wonder why I'm such an optimist.

I'll see you on March 21st.  TwinkieTown is in capable and familiar hands in my absence.  Enjoy the rest of spring training!