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Community Projection - Jeff Cirillo

[What is this?]

I was looking at Jeff Cirillo's '06 numbers, and I couldn't help but be reminded of Mike Redmond:

Cirillo '06 - .319/.369/.414
Redmond '06 - .339/.363/.411

Now, there are certainly differences between the two.  Redmond had just as many HBP as BB last season, so he walked at a lower rate than Cirillo, but Cirillo's walk rate wasn't anything special.  But mainly, I see two role players who got pretty good OBP's by hitting a lot of singles and not doing a whole lot else.  Cirillo figures to be the primary backup at both corner infield positions and would potentially see increased playing time if a middle infield injury forces Punto to shift positions.

Anyway, this one should be interesting.  Most of us haven't seen Cirillo play nearly as much as the other guys on the team, so I'm curious if that will produce more of a consensus or less of a consensus.

As usual, if you're submitting a projection (and please do so), just make a comment including your projected plate appearances, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging average, home runs, stolen bases, and caught stealing.  Discussion/suggestions encouraged, and thanks to those who have been letting their opinions be known.

[If you still have something to say about someone whose turn has already come up, go ahead and speak up at the appropriate page.

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