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Community Projection - Jason Kubel

[What is this?]

I think this will surprise no one who watched Kubel closely last year:

Pre-ASB   .291/.324/.485
Post-ASB  .163/.209/.233

There's nothing at all to like about his post-All-Star Break performance.  He was slow, grounded into a bunch of DPs, didn't hit for average, didn't hit for power, and didn't walk very much.  I'm sure he'd like to just forget the whole ordeal.

Of course, Kubel's knee clearly plays a role here.  He didn't lose all of his speed for no reason--his knee problems were sapping him of his speed, and likely hampering his abilities at the plate.

So, is the turf going to get to Kubel again eventually?  Will he be able to make adjustments when he's pitched in different ways?  Was he just an over-hyped prospect who won't turn out?  Or is he a stud hitter who just needs his body to remain healthy for two seconds?

As usual, if you're submitting a projection (and please do so), just make a comment including your projected plate appearances, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging average, home runs, stolen bases, and caught stealing.  Discussion/suggestions encouraged, and thanks to those who have been letting their opinions be known.

[If you still have something to say about someone whose turn has already come up, go ahead and speak up at the appropriate page.

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