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Community Projection - Luis Castillo

[What is this?]

Last year, Luis Castillo's hitting was nearly the same as it was in '05 Florida:

       AVG/ SLG
'05   .301/.374
'06   .296/.370

Unfortunately, his offense took a pretty big dip thanks to a sharp decrease in walk rate, as his OBP dropped from .391 to .358.  That still made him a pretty decent 2B, but I don't think it's unfair to characterize him as a mild disappointment.

What lies ahead for 2007?  Injury?  An return to high OBP?  Something else?

As usual, if you're submitting a projection (and please do so), just make a comment including your projected plate appearances, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging average, home runs, stolen bases, and caught stealing.  Discussion/suggestions encouraged, and thanks to those who have been letting their opinions be known.

[If you still have something to say about someone whose turn has already come up, go ahead and speak up at the appropriate page.

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