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Community Projection - Jason Bartlett

[What is this?]

Perhaps there was no more divisive issue last year than Castro vs. Bartlett.  Regardless of which way you leaned, you probably felt strongly about this issue.  Sometime last June, Castro was sent out of town, and by playing well "at the major league level," Bartlett made sure that there's no SS controversy going into this season.

Bartlett hit pretty well in the minors.  Will he continue that success (and his success last season) in the majors?  Will he improve above and beyond what he did last year?  Or will he turn out to be a replacement level SS?

As usual, if you're submitting a projection (and please do so), just make a comment including your projected plate appearances, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging average, home runs, stolen bases, and caught stealing.  Discussion/suggestions encouraged, and thanks to those who have been letting their opinions be known.

[If you still have something to say about someone whose turn has already come up, go ahead and speak up at the appropriate page.

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