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An Introduction From a Twinkie Town Newcomer

Luis Castillo just popped up with two guys on base, and I came very close to throwing a chair through the television.  What better time to try to cool down and introduce myself?

So - greetings, citizens of Twinkie Town.

I feel the need to introduce myself to all of you.  After all, while I do read the site, I've never had a diary, nor have I left any comments, so for most of you I'm a bit of a closed book.  My name is Jon Marthaler.  I've been writing the blog The National Anthem Before A Cubs Game, covering Minnesota sports of all stripes, for three years; before that, I was a columnist for The Minnesota Daily and a staff writer for  Incredibly-weak credentials aside, I'm here because the esteemed proprietors of the site have asked me to contribute to the front page of TwinkieTown.

I don't have a specific plan or a set schedule to post on, but I can tell you that I'm likely to have a different voice from Jesse and from many of the other great Twins bloggers.  The reason is this, and I'm kind of ashamed to admit it: I can't tell you much of anything about any of the up-and-coming prospects in the Twins' system  I barely understand VORP.  WPA sounds good to me, but I can't interpret it particularly well, nor make any coherent points based on it.  And I just spent five minutes figuring out what PECOTA stands for.  What does this mean?  I don't know much of anything about the Twins' farm system, and I'm not much for sabermetrics.  I'm not opposed to either one, and I love reading statistically-based arguments and articles about prospects that are written by others.  I'm just not very good at them myself.  

So if I'm not going to do that, then what?  I'm planning to do the same things I've always done:  Complete and total overreactions.  Noisy allegations of stupidity and incompetence.  Criticism.  Sarcasm. And all of this suffused with a deep, wholehearted pessimism, and an expectation that things will eventually go wrong, just as they always seem to for Minnesota sports teams.  

It sounds dark, but I hope it'll be funny and irreverent along the way, as well.  

Anyway, that's my introduction.  Thanks for having me, Twinkie Town.  It's good to be here.