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Big important news about situations that will never come up

We all know that the Twins, needing the roster spot, had to send catcher Chris Heintz to the minors.  This means that the phrases "emergency catcher" and "Justin Morneau" have regularly been cropping up in the same sentence.

Luckily, Ron Gardenhire's way ahead of us all: Luis Rodriguez is now the emergency catcher.

I know this because of the following article on the Twins' official site: Twins in need of third catcher

"Need" is such a strong word.  I, personally, would have substituted "don't need."

Anyway, for those of you who have lived in terror of the day that the Twins are forced to put the DH in the field at catcher (rough odds of this costing Minnesota a game: 1,419,984,250 to 1), fear not:

The Twins have a plan.