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TwinkieTown Love Fest

Ubelmann posted a good write up on Scott Baker, over at SBG's site.

Speaking of SBG, I heart Mugshot Purgatory.  It's interesting (and sometimes worth a chuckle) to see how the photo op changes from year to year.

Aaron Gleeman's take on Baker's return is positive.  I'm just happy Baker came out and not just "started", but made a statement.  Wunderbar.

Pounding on glass  "Do you like apples?...DO YOU LIKE APPLES?...I got a new STADIUM, How do you like them apples?"

Third Base Line has notes on the weekend.  I have to's much more fun when our boys go boom.

I wanted to go to Milwaukee this past weekend to take in a Twins game, but I wasn't able to make it.  It looks like as least one of the Nicks from Nick & Nick made it.  Some nice pics of a nice outdoor park, and some notes on the weekend...including a commentary on Ramon Ortiz.

Nelson and Mosvick aren't the only ones tired of Ortiz.  TYBS has seen enough as well.  How much longer does the Ortiz experiment continue if these are the results he's going to get?

A nice addition to the Twins bloggosphere this year are the Gameday and Gameday Writers pages.  Be sure to stop by both places on your daily route for your Twins fix.

Be sure to check out Roger's minor league report.  We're lucky to have Roger stopping by on a weekly basis with these updates.  Thanks, Roger!!

Thanks as well to Cmathewson and Jon Marthaler, who have posted some great articles on TwinkieTown's front page.  Those links should take you to their respective pages, so take a look and see if you've missed anything.  Jon has a unique style and I'm glad to have him on board.  Cmathewson has been part of the bloggosphere as long as I have if not longer, and I'm honored he chooses TwinkieTown as his outlet of choice.

One last thing.  If you haven't seen Rayken's work of art, please do.

Awww...warm fuzzies...