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Twins Talkers

Discussion points, in lieu of a monologue.

  1.  Santana pitched like it was July last night, and was probably in the best form I've seen him all season.  How long can Johan Santana remain the best pitcher in baseball?
  2.  This injury to Mauer's leg is another notch on the gun, another bad omen for one of a catcher's primary tools.  How long can we expect Joe Mauer to remain as a catcher for his everyday position?
  3.  We all know about the changes in pitching, between ineffective starters and injured relievers.  What will the Twins pitching staff look like at the end of the year?
  4.  If Morneau plays 160 games (currently played in 45/45 games), he's on pace to belt 46 home runs.  If Hunter makes it to 155 games (43/45), he's on pace for 40 bombs.  If Cuddyer (40/45)makes it to 150 games, he's on pace for 19 homers.  Where else can the Twins look for power?
  5.  Which of the following current Twins on the 25-man roster will not be playing for the Twins in 2008:  Scott Baker, Torii Hunter, Johan Santana, Luis Castillo, Rondell White (exception, not on 25-man roster currently), Lew Ford, Carlos Silva, Joe Nathan, Juan Rincon, Mike Redmond, Luis Rodriguez, Jason Tyner.
Please, indulge yourselves.