The Gleeman Special

Yeah, okay, so we've all seen stories like this one.  Ortiz is going to the pen.  The team is mum on who's coming up, but ERA's and (cough, more importantly) service time being how they are we all know Mr. Slowey will be amking his major league debut this Friday.  The news isn't the point of the post.  Mostly I just wanted to make a little joke about something.  

You can already read a bit of the coming storm over at RotoWorld but I thought I'd ask the question here first.

How much congratulating of himself is Aaron Gleeman going to do in his blog tomorrow?

I read him every day, I enjoy his blog, and his opinion is usually reasonable and something I give serious consideration to, but I'd like to take this opportunity to jab at him.

How many times will Mr Gleeman pat himself on the butt, stroke his own tummy, drown himself with praise, toot his own horn, or altogether request that Mr Ryan eat his words with this very spoon (the one in his hand) tomorrow?

I won't tell you my guess, just a hint.  It starts with an 'e' and ends with a "'leventie billion."