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May Greats

Let's just call them "Boyfriends of the Month".

Luis Castillo

 AB   R   H  BB  SO   Avg   Obp   Slg
101  23  36   9   6  .356  .405  .386

There are things that Castillo doesn't do, such as hit for much of anything but singles.  Also up to this point, he hasn't stolen a base all month; he hasn't even made an attempt.  All the same, his month of May has been a consistent spark in an offense that can be up and down with run production on any given day.  His hits have had eyes.  Additionally, his GB:FB ratio is nearly 4:1, his best ratio since 2000 (Castillo's career year to date).

His defense has been solid as well.  On Sunday afternoon as he ranged to his right and dove for a ball, it surprised me at how surprised I was when Castillo didn't come up with the stop (follow that?).  While his legs aren't, and probably never again will be, at full strength, he still moves well.  Whether this is due to positioning, getting good reads on batted balls, quickness or any combination thereof, I find myself expecting Castillo to make a play or two each game that brings a smile to my face.

Justin Morneau

AB   H   HR   RBI   Avg   Obp   Slg
98  29    9    24  .296  .360  .622

Um...boom?  Stretch this month over an entire year, and Justin collects 58 homers and 157 RBI in 162 games.

Three multi-homer games in the month, 14 RBI in one 7-game stretch, and tacking on 60 points in season OPS.  I'm not even sure what else to say, other than MVP, MVP, MVP.  And it's a little early for that.

Mike Redmond

AB   H   XBH   BB   SO   Avg   Obp   Slg
68  25     7    4    6  .368  .419  .500

On the day Joe Mauer was placed on the disabled list, Mike Redmond said this:

"I'll go until I drop. That's what I'm here for."

Since that day, May 6, Mike Redmond has reached base in every single game.  There comes a time when you run out of things to say about a guy who eats DRRRT!! three meals a day and four times on Sundays.  He's been everything the Twins could have asked for and more, and if Ron Gardenhire chooses to keep three catchers on the bench when Mauer actually plays just so that Redmond can be the every day designated hitter, then I'm not going to complain.  Certainly I won't expect a .368/.419/.500 line, but Redmond is the epitome of the guy who uses the tools he has in order to succeed.  He doesn't run, hit for power or walk, but he controls the plate and he controls his bat, and he finds a way to get on base.

Mike Redmond is f^@%!#g awesome.

Torii Hunter

 AB   H   HR  RBI SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
100  31    6   24  5  .310  .349  .520

Sure, April was better.  But Hunter continues to add to his impressive 2007 campaign, including a 3-for-5 performance against the White Sox on Monday.  When Torii's hitting streak ended earlier this month, we saw how his approach hadn't changed, just his results.  As the season goes a bit deeper and the results are still rolling in, it makes me wonder if there's something different in Hunter's swing or in the way he's seeing the ball.

In the field it seems he's been much more himself, from the start.  Whether Hunter still has premier range is debatable, but defensively he's still definitely a plus.  His agility and willingness to sacrifice his body for the catch are still there, and his arm is still top of the line.  If he continues to play as he has through June, Hunter deserves to be an All Star.

Johan Santana

GS    IP   ERA   H/9  HR/9   K/9  BB/9
 5  33.0  2.73  7.64  1.64 11.45  2.18

Monday was Santana's only start this month allowing more than two runs, even though "The Press" likes to state that Santana just hasn't been himself this season.  Frankly, Johan has still been one of baseball's best pitchers, and most consistent pitchers.  Strikeouts:  Check.  Knee-bending slider:  Check.  Evasive fastball:  Check.  Pre-pitch ass-wiggle:  Check.

We all know how important Santana has been and will continue to be to the Minnesota rotation.  As the summer wears on, Santana's "slow" start should turn into the usual "blistering" finish.  Cy Young:  (Insert check here).

Boof Bonser

GS    IP   ERA   H/9  HR/9   K/9  BB/9
 5  30.0  2.70  8.70  0.60  9.60  3.30

Did you know Bonser has been this good in May?  I didn't.  I knew his last couple of starts have been solid, but didn't quite expect this.  He's still walking more people than we're used to from a Twins starting pitcher, but through his first five starts of the month has allowed only two bombs which has helped his performances greatly.

What Bonser has been able to do in May is exactly what Ramon Ortiz has been unable to do:  avoid the big inning.  Hitters reach, but keeping the ball in the park and having good strikeout numbers have kept the damage minimal.  Bonser has been in control during his starts, and he's reaped positive results.  This month is exactly what the Twins have needed from Boof.

Les Bullpen

Name       G    IP   ERA   H/9  HR/9   K/9  BB/9
Guerrier  12  15.2  1.72  6.32  0.00  8.04  2.30
Neshek    11  12.1  0.73  4.38  0.73 13.14  4.38
Nathan    11  11.0  1.64  7.36  0.00 11.45  2.45

With Crain, Reyes and Perkins missing time, and with a number of new faces lining the bullpen bench, the performance of these three men over the last month has been timely and clutch.  Rincon has been decent for the most part, but hasn't been himself.  Matt Guerrier, Pat Neshek and Joe Nathan have combined to make the back end of a ballgame just as difficult for opposing offenses as previous regimes.