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Joe Mauer to 15-Day Disabled List

Thin lineup gets thinner.

Prepare for a stretch of time where the starting lineup will look like the lineup from Getaway Day, every day.  Joe Mauer will be joining the walking wounded on the disabled list, as a quad strain was picked up by an MRI on Sunday morning.  He'd been playing through the pain, but with inflamation clearly visible playing through the pain was no longer an option.  In fact, although the DL stint is currently just 15 days, there's no guarantee that Mauer will return when that time ends.

"I don't want to put a time frame on it. I know I'm going on the DL, so it will be at least two weeks. It could be two or it could be more. Hopefully it's not much more."  -Joe Mauer

In no particular order, now would be a great time for:

  1. Justin Morneau to break out of his slump.  Killin' Me Softly indeed.
  2. Torii Hunter to continue hitting the snot out of the ball.
  3. Jason Kubel to find his power stroke.
  4. Michael Cuddyer's back to get better.
  5. Jason Bartlett to start hitting doubles.
Let's go Twins.