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Another birthday.  Didn't I just turn 26?  This year has been absolutely manic...

27:  Justin Morneau's number before he changed it to 33.

27:  Jeff Cirillo's number.

27:  Games played in 2007 by Luis Rodriguez.

27:  The year '2007' without the two zeros in the middle.

27:  Number of hairs in Jason Kubel's beard.

27:  Distance (in feet) of Jason Tyner's longest ball hit in the air.

27:  Distance (in feet) of Rondell White's longest relay in from left field without bouncing on the turf.

27:  Luis Rodriguez, Jason Bartlett, Bobby Korecky, Gil Vasquez, and Tommy Watkins' 2007 campaign age.

27:  Number of times my mom will call me today to wish me a happy birthday.

27:  Height (in inches) Nick Punto aspires to reach when his growth spurt "finally shows up".

27:  Number of times my mom will call me today to tell me not to drink too much tonight.

27:  Number of games the White Sox will finish out of first place.

27:  How many strikeouts Santana could ring up in three starts.

27:  How many strikeouts Kevin Slowey could ring up by August, 2008.

27:  Number of dollars available for the "go ahead" from Carl Pohlad to acquire some offensive help.  Preferrably "that Ted Williams fellow".

27:  Minutes since Justin Morneau's last Jimmy Johns sandwich.

27:  Average number of phone numbers Joe Mauer leaves a restaurant with.

27:  Home runs Michael Cuddyer will finish the season with.

27:  Number of outfield assists Michael Cuddyer will acrue in 2007.

27:  Number of "twitches" Joe Nathan goes through before each pitch.

27:  Speed of Santana's undebuted new pitch, the Ultra Change.

27:  How many times Scott Baker will have his head messed with in regards to starts, call ups, send downs, and whether or not he gets meal money.

27:  Number of buffets lambasted by a dejected Sidney Ponson since his release.

27:  Number of games the White Sox will trail the Twins at the end of the season.

Feel free to be creative and add your own!