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The List: Nonsensical Things to Yell at Mets Pitcher John Maine

Mets starter John Maine threw seven and a third innings tonight and gave up only one run, which was more than good enough to beat the Twins.  

With this affront to Twindom in mind, I present the following horrible, nonsensical John Maine insults, all of which are bad enough to get you thrown out of any gathering you might be attending, should you yell them at the field or television:

  • Hey, Maine, are computer and electronics parts YOUR largest export too?
  • I-95!  I-95!
  • You Maineiac!  You blew it up!  Damn you!  Damn you all to hell!  
  • (After Maine swings and misses at a pitch) Hey, I think I felt Augusta wind there.
  • Orono!
That should last us through the evening.