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Santana Rides Again

Reigning Cy Young throws a complete game shutout, striking out only one while allowing four hits and walking none.

For those who care about such things, Santana has won only one more game than he's lost.  There is still someone out there who will glance at Santana's 7-6 record and conclude "Huh...Santana isn't himself this year."

I disagree.

All I'll concede about Santana in 2007 is that on his June 19th start, he only struck out one hitter...and that's not "Santana".  But it doesn't matter.  One strikeout or thirteen, it wouldn't have made any difference:  Johan kept the Mets under his thumb through nine frames.  He marched through innings with what was largely ruthless efficiency, completing his nine innings in just 92 pitches.  He sent down batters in batches, and kept New York stymied the entire evening.

Minnesota's offense, on the other hand, was just as effective on Tuesday as they were helpless on Monday.  Every Twin reached base at least once (although Castillo only reached on a fielder's choice), including Santana who walked and doubled.  Cuddyer picked up a pair of RBI, while Castillo, Mauer, Morneau, Cirillo and Tyner each collected one.

Hunter, Castillo On A Slide

A couple of weeks ago, Torii Hunter and Luis Castillo were on major tears.  Now each of them has cooled considerably.  Torii's line in June is .241/.302/.431, and on Tuesday collected his first hit since Friday.  Castillo is hitless in his last 18 at-bats following Tuesday's game (still hitless from Friday), and is struggling with just a .243/.263/.270 line in June.