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All Star Picks

My personal selections for the starting eight American League position players.

Catcher:  Jorge Posada, New York Yankees
Age:  35
Past All-Star Selections:  4

Gam   AB   H  2B  HR  BB  SO  SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
 70  248  84  23   9  27  49   1  .339  .404  .540

I have to be honest and say that outside of the Twins, there have been select few players and teams I've been following so far this year (things have been crazy!).  So it came as a surprise when I started doing the research for this post and found out exactly how great of a year Posada is having.  He turns 36 in August and he's having his best offensive season to date.  While Posada isn't making my list for his defensive prowess, he is making my list for having "the most sticky-outie ears".  Posada last made the mid-summer classic in 2003.

Runner-Up:  Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

First Base:  Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins
Age:  26
Past All-Star Selections:  0

Gam   AB   H  2B  HR  BB  SO  SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
 71  273  76  13  20  32  40   0  .278  .354  .560

Even missing the last handful of games, Morneau is offensively the best traditional-mold first baseman in the American League.  He's put up fantastic numbers over the first couple months of the season and, if he's back soon, should chase the 40-homer mark.  Defensively he's better than average; he scoops well, he's quick on hard shots and is pretty agile for his size.  This is Morneau's third season as an everyday player, and should be elected to the first of what will be many All-Star appearances.

Runner-Up:  Kevin Youkilis, Boston Red Sox

Second Base:  Brian Roberts, Baltimore Orioles
Age:  29
Past All-Star Selections:  1

Gam   AB   H  2B  HR  BB  SO  SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
 74  297  96  17   4  44  40  24  .323  .411  .448

Roberts is tearing shit up.  With moderate power at his best, he's still incredibly efficient as a second baseman offensively , racking up 129 doubles between '04 and '06.  Since 2003 he's stolen at least 23 bases per year.  In spite of these impressive marks he's having his career year.  In the field he's slick, quick in turning double plays with good range.  Roberts' first All-Star selection came in 2005.  Camden Chat sponsers his page over at, stating he's a Yankee Killer...he gets bonus points for that.

Runner-Up:  B.J. Upton, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Third Base:  Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees
Age:  31
Past All-Star Selections:  10

Gam   AB   H  2B  HR  BB  SO  SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
 75  281  93  18  28  42  60   9  .331  .429  .694

It's not really a matter of "if", but "when" A-Rod is elected to the 2007 American League All-Star roster, it will be his 8th consecutive appearance.  Rodriguez has improved to be an adequate third baseman, but his value truly comes from his offense.  He's mashing the ball this year, and quite realistically is on pace to have his best season yet.  THAT is saying something.  His past All-Star appearances were 1996-1998, and 2000-2006.  Love him or hate him, Alex Rodriguez is really f$@%!^g good, and he deserves his nomination this year hands down.

Runner-Up:  Mike Lowell, Boston Red Sox

Shortstop:  Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
Age:  33
Past All-Star Selections:  7

Gam   AB   H  2B  HR  BB  SO  SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
 74  300 103  21   5  33  34   7  .343  .418  .483

This was my most difficult decision, and in the end the only reason I picked him over Carlos Guillen is because Guillen missed a few starts in early June.  Nevertheless, Derek Jeter is having another great season.  He turned 33 on Tuesday, and while his defense is still and will always be over-rated to the end of his career, his offense is superb this season.  Jeter's past years playing his part in the mid-summer classic are 1998-2002, 2004 and 2006.

Runner-Up:  Carlos Guillen, Detroit Tigers

Outfield:  Magglio Ordonez, Detroit Tigers
Age:  32
Past All-Star Selections:  5

Gam   AB   H  2B  HR  BB  SO  SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
 74  281 106  34  13  40  33   2  .377  .452  .637

The man with the curliest locks in all of baseball, now that MULLETT! is out of the league, is having an MVP-type season.  His doubles count is amazing, and true to form he isn't striking out.  Magglio, to go back to what I said about Brian Roberts, is ripping shit up.  Only more so.  In the field he's adequate, and in right field with those numbers, adequate is more than good enough.  Ordonez has been to the classic from 1999-2001, as well as in 2003 and 2006.

Outfield:  Torii Hunter, Minnesota Twins
Age:  31
Past All-Star Selections:  1

Gam   AB   H  2B  HR  BB  SO  SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
 73  276  84  21  15  17  50  11  .304  .350  .551

These are the kind of numbes most of us expected Hunter to put up on a yearly basis, at least if we were basing our career expectations on the first half of his 2002 season.  He still doesn't walk very often, but he's laying off more outside breaking balls and seems to be having much better and more consistent at-bats on a nightly basis.  In the field he's still one of the better center fielders in the league, even though his range isn't what it used to be.  Hunter is having his best overall season, and is having one of the best overall seasons among outfielders in the American League.  His only All-Star appearance was in the aforementioned 2002.

Outfield:  Vladimir Guerrero, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Age:  31
Past All-Star Selections:  7

Gam   AB   H  2B  HR  BB  SO  SB   Avg   Obp   Slg
 76  276  91  23  14  45  30   1  .330  .424  .565

The Angels, who play in two cities, are off to a great start and so is their slugging outfielder.  Guerrero has been an offensive juggernaut his entire career and this summer has been no different.  He's on pace to have the most doubles he's racked up since 2001, and may be having his best overall season since 2002.  In the field we all know he has one hell of an arm, and even if it's not the most accurate you still have to love him as an all-around good player.  Guerrero made All-Star teams from 1999-2002, and 2004-2006.

Runners-Up:  Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners; Grady Sizemore, Cleveland Indians; Alex Rios, Toronto Blue Jays


Who's on your starting lineup?