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A Tall Order

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In order for the Twins to come back and go ahead in the 9th inning last night, they would have needed at least 16 baserunners.  In order to come up with 16 runs on 16 baserunners, the last baserunner would need to reach on a home run.  That seems the most likely way for the Twins to make it happen, just because it would require the fewest things to go right for them.  To finish out the inning, since they were the visiting team, they would've needed Cuddyer to hit 3 times each, which is as many times as he hit in innings 1-8 combined.  And eventually, the Twins would've had to go through Scott Shields and Francisco Rodriguez.

As far as I can tell, the most runs ever scored in one inning was 17 by the Red Sox back on June 18, 1953.  So they didn't need to set a record, but they would've needed to come pretty darned close.

I really have no point here other than that the Twins got pwned last night.