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10 Things I Learned From the All-Star Game

  1.  Willie Mays either doesn't remember, or doesn't know, that there's a net behind home plate.  He kept throwing souvenir balls into the net.
  2.  Paula Cole should fire whoever was responsible for setting up her Casio.  Oh yes, and she can sing.
  3.  The Mariners are on the verge of extending Ichiro.  I think this means the Mariners are smart.
  4.  Oakland raked St. Louis over the coals in the Mulder-Haren trade.  Dan Haren is GOOD.
  5.  Jorge Posada backhands low pitches, even in an All-Star game.
  6.  David Ortiz doesn't run it out to first base, even in an All-Star game.
  7.  Carl Crawford has POWER!
  8.  Even K-Rod can look a little shaky.
  9.  With the game on the line and LaRussa doesn't go to it such a crime that the Twins are forced to DH Jason Tyner?....Yes.  Yes it is.
  10.  Ichiro is really, really fast.