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Baseball is back! (Grumble, grumble)

The last three days, we have been Twins-less.  We have had no nightly ballgame to keep us entertained, no Circle Me Berts, no Dan Gladden yelling at the umpires from the broadcast booth, nothing.  

But tonight, while eighteen teams oddly got themselves a four-day All-Star break, the Twins returned to the Metrodome field.  And these returns can be tough; for three days, we've all been out of the groove of automatically turning on the TV at 6:59 p.m. and waiting for our heroes to take the field, and so today felt like a mini-Opening Day.  

At times like this, we need signposts, as it were, to guide us back to our routine.  Familiar things that remind us who we are and what we're watching.  We need to get re-settled.

And then...

Luis Castillo hit the ball on the ground four times, didn't get a hit, yet still managed to score a run.

Jason Kubel hit into a double play with the bases loaded.

Torii Hunter made an out on the basepaths.

The bullpen pitched three innings without giving up a hit or a run.

Lew Ford struck out.

Scott Baker got a grand total of one out on a ground ball, with fourteen outs coming through the air.

Hunter and Justin Morneau both drove in at least one run.

Joe Mauer walked twice.

Four Twins starters ended the game with batting averages below .260.


Sometimes, it's nice when the Twins are completely predictable.  We're back in the rut now.  If I know this team, they'll get shut out twice and win 9-2 over the next three nights.

It's good to have baseball back.