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Quote of the Week

Check out this comment from the Pioneer Press/

Is it just me, or is mauer overarted. I'm not just saying this because of last night and I do think he is a good player, but he is so guarded. I guess that's not a bad thing becasue he efficient and you can count on him to get on base, but that's about it. I know this is an oxymoron, but he's just so greatly ordinary. His main objective seems to be getting on base and not taking the big swing that could make a huge impact. Instead, Mauer works the count and tries to make a small impact by drawing a walk. Maybe I'm too critical, but there's just something wrong about an alleged 6'6" 230 pound man who rarely hits a home run.

That was supposed to be a complaint, and this this person uses phrases like:  "His main objective seems to be getting on base."  "Greatly ordinary."  "He(`s) efficient."

Are you serious?

If you want to make the case that Mauer could be more aggressive at the plate, I could agree with that.  If you want to argue that Mauer could hit for more power, there are certain avenues to pursue that make sense.  But that comment...I'm just at a loss for words.  Generally, it's a requirement to think through the process of forming an opinion.  This one is just loaded with contradictions.