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Notes From the Weekend

You wouldn't know it, but it's true:  there was a weekend just now.

  •  Jason Tyner hit his first career home run...AND I WAS IN WISCONSIN.  I saw the replay on ESPN that night but still, DAMMIT!
  •  Kenny Lofton was traded to Cleveland, making this his 23rd time playing with the Indians.  And really, it just makes sense.
  •  I heart Matt Garza.
  •  I've been Simpsonized!
  •  Ty Wigginton Sweepstakes winners...not the Twins.
  •  Speaking of sweepstakes, last week I was pretty convinced there would be some Luis Castillo Sweepstakes going on between the Mets and the Phillies...then the Phillies went and traded for Tadahito Iguchi.  I'm sure there's still a market for our second baseman, but having two teams in the same division in the playoff hunt each needing a second baseman and therefor bidding against each doesn't get much better than that for the Twins as a seller.
  •  Are we sellers?  We probably should be.  One day to go...
  •  I was at the Racine County Fair in southeast Wisconsin this past weekend, and this is the conversation I overheard between two Sconnies:
Sconnie 1:  Farve Farve cheese Farve Packers cheese cheese.

Sconnie 2:  Sausage Lombardi Farve Packers cheese cheese cheese sausage.

Sconnie 1:  Farve cheese sausage Farve cheese sausage.

Sconnie 2:  Lombardi Starr Molitor Yount Vaughn.

Sconnie 1:  Vaughn?!?

Sconnie 2:  ...NASCAR...

Sconnie 1:  NASCAR.

Sconnie 2:  Cheese cheese Farve cheese Packers.

*  Bring on the Royals.

See you tonight!