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Voting for Pat Just Got Easier

... if you're a Firefox user (or willing to become one), that is.

The good folks at Twins Territory point us in the direction of a Firefox extension / javascript combo that allows you to cut the voting time down to about 1-2 seconds per vote.  If you're not a techie, don't worry - it's an easy three-step process to install.

Given the groundswell of 'Net support for Neshek, you had to know this was coming.  It's not like the Vote for Rory vote-bot that popped up before last year's NHL All-Star Game - you still have to do the same things to cast your vote, such as typing in the five-digit number.  But it speeds up the process a bit.

So get out there, tweak your browser a bit, and start Voting for Pat at an even faster clip.  Remember: voting for Neshek is like voting for yourself, only without the guilt.