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TwinkieTown Milestones

In the immortal words of Krusty the Clown..."Hey HEY!!"

This afternoon, TwinkieTown hit one personal record and recorded one milestone.  The personal record was the number of comments in a post, thanks to those of us bored enough at work this afternoon while listening to the Twins game.

The milestone was TwinkieTown surpassing 300,000 unique visits!  Congratulations everyone, I'm sure the next 100K will go by even FASTER!

It's worth noting that at our current pace, we'll also surpass 1,000,000 page views by the second or third week in August.  Keep up the good work everyone, and if you like the site and know anyone who's a Twins sure to tell them to drop by!

Also worth noting is that Lew Ford has reached level 87 in World of Warcraft.  It's an achievement, now just let it go or he'll just keep talking about it...

Now just one more quote from Krusty and we can all smile after a dropped series to the bloody Yankees.  Actually, even though I know Blyleven isn't like this, I imagine Bert saying the following and it's even funnier.

"Now for my favorite part of the show....What does that say? Talk to the audience! Ugghhh, this is always death..."