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The Boys in Blue

Maybe this isn't news at all.  Or maybe it is...

The talk today is all about Matsui's homer and Neshek's first loss of the year (along with his All-Star snub.)  What doesn't get mentioned is that the Twins nearly came back to tie it in the top of the ninth; thanks to a pair of singles and a stolen base, Minnesota had runners on second and third with one out.  A Joe Mauer groundout got run #6 in and the tying run to third base, but Michael Cuddyer was called out on a check swing with a 3-2 count, ending the game.

The FanHouse has the rest of the story (via the LoHud Yankees Blog):

The clubhouse is closed for 10 minutes after the last pitch of the game. The media then can go in to conduct interviews. Most of us use a side door to go into Joe Torre's office first.

As we were filing in today, four men came pushing through the crowd with their luggage. "Excuse us," one of them said. "We're in a hurry."

They were the umpires, who clearly had a plane to catch and traffic to beat. They were practically sprinting for the exit.

You don't think that had anything to do with first base umpire Wally Bell punching out Michael Cuddyer to end the game, do you?

I wonder if Bell and the crew - who antagonized the Twins a couple of times during the series - made their flight.  I hope not.