Spoiled brats

I have been reading the blogs connected to the newspapers and I have to say Twins fans, you're a bunch of spoiled brats. Your team is now closer than it's been in weeks to the wild card leader and all you do is complain.

I just couldn't believe some of the vitriol these nonfans were throwing at the Twins. Even people like Fran, who is rarely against the Twins on anything, expressed extreme disappointment in the front office.

I was reading the PiPress article by Phil Miller this morning, which expresses my sentiment to a T, and the lone comment was "Whatever! The Twins suck worse than they have in the last two weeks." That pretty much sums up how Twins fans are feeling right now if you use the blogs as a pulse poll, after the Twins won four games in a row in which they gave up a total of seven runs.

Perusing the threads here, it seems a more enlightened fan base is willing to cut Ryan some slack. But the less knowledgeable fans over at the newspaper sites are showing how little loyalty they have to this team. I say, if you don't want to root for these guys, go root for the Vikings or T-Wolves. But quit harshing my buzz.

My uncle lives in Kansas City. He's a jazz and baseball historian who wears his Kansas City Monarchs hat everywhere. Boy does he love his Royals. We chatted for a while at the recent family reunion and he's so excited about this young team, he can hardly contain himself. This is a team that has lost more than 100 games three times in this decade. It's a team that has finished last perennially, it seems. Yet there he is, rooting for Gordon and Teahan and Pena and DeJesus and Butler and Grienke like they're the next Big Red Machine.

I'm not saying we should all root for the team unconditionally, or that we shouldn't be critical of management when it makes mistakes or fails to do much of anything. But don't let those attitudes get in the way of your love for the team. Your team has had a winning record for six years in a row. It likely will finish with a winning record for the seventh straight year, if not make the playoffs for the fifth time in six years. No other Twins team has ever done that and no other team in the division has sustained that kind of success. Quit your whining and cheer these boys on!

There, I said it.