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Game Thread: Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins

Seattle:  71-52
Minnesota:  62-63

Miguel Batista VS Carlos Silva

CF  Ichiro
3B  Beltre
RF  Guillen
LF  Ibanez
1B  Sexon
DH  Broussard
C   Johima
2B  Bloomquist
SS  Betancourt

2B  Casilla
3B  Watkins
CF  Hunter
1B  Morneau
RF  Cuddyer
LF  Kubel
C   Redmond
DH  Jones
SS  Punto

Just a few bullet points on last night's game:

  •  Baker only allowed 3 runs after giving up 17,000 hits; the Twins were actually in the game until he left.  It wasn't a good start by any stretch of the imagination, as watching Seattle tatoo the snot out of the ball wasn't much fun, but the results were definitely manageable.
  •  Anyone else think Pat Neshek is a little worn down?
  •  Tommy Watkins isn't a long-term answer, and he doesn't have any power, but at least he's been getting on base.  I have no problems with him batting second.
  •  Morneau put good wood on a couple of balls last night, hopefully it's a sign of him breaking out of the slump he's been in.
  •  I sat next to a 8-year old boy last night at the Twins game.  He cheered for EVERY Twins hitter who stepped into the box, it didn't matter who it was.  I loved it.
  •  Stupid multi-run innings.
Let's try and salvage one game from the series and get back to .500.  Let's go Twins!