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Torii Hunter: Geez, That Guy's Kind of a....

Let's go back and recap a few of Mr. Torii Hunter's highlights, both in this season and in past seasons:

  • He's been called the "face of the franchise" by the Minneapolis Star Tribune's Jim Souhan and by other knowledgeable commentators.
  • He spent much of the early part of the season loudly criticizing the Twins for refusing to negotiate a contract extension... and now is himself refusing to do any such thing.
  • He tried to punch Justin Morneau.
  • He hit Nick Punto instead.
  • He very publicly criticized Joe Mauer for being unwilling to play hurt, a matter that perhaps did not necessarily need to be conducted through the local press.
And now, the latest:
  • He is refusing to attend the groundbreaking ceremony, which at its heart is basically a fan celebration, saying "It's tough going to the groundbreaking and not even knowing if you are going to be here. You'd like to, but it's my day off.  I'll just get a massage and hang out."
  • This while saying "It's up to them [the Twins] to step up," even though evidence seems to show that the Twins are trying to do so and Hunter is refusing.
I admit, the evidence is starting to pile up: maybe Torii Hunter's kind of a jerk.

Your thoughts?  Does it even matter?  Or am I misinterpreting Hunter's actions, or perhaps selectively remembering the past given that I'm unhappy about the groundbreaking?  What do you think?