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Don't Worry About A Thing...

...Cause Crazy Terry has you covered with an amazing late season warranty program, that will knock your socks off!

Getting sick of No offense?? Crazy Terry suggests the "golf score" warranty. Just imagine the twins as a golfer, and those low scores will make everything better!

Feeling bad for the pitchers? Then check out our "poor hitters" warranty. This one is great with the ladies; it allows you to feel just how bad the hitters do when they continue to get shutout week after week. The ladies do love a sensitive man.

Finally, getting sick of the inconsistency? Well hell, Crazy Terry suggests you try the "pay attention" warranty. How could you possibly argue that the Twins are inconsistent? They show up to work each day, they use the same gloves, same bats, they only get 3 outs per inning and they always "play their tails off" don't get more consistency than that!

So, come on down to Crazy Terry's...where we will never surprise you with anything...ever!