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Ryan: It's Been A Good Ride

Bullet notes, from the press conference heard on KFAN

  •  There will be numerous promotions as a domino effect with TR stepping down.
  •  Ryan feels the responsiblity was beginning to wear him down.  The losses were more difficult to shrug off while the wins weren't as much fun.
  •  One reason for leaving now was so that the organization would have a better change at being "up and running" in October, rather than going through this transition in the middle of the offseason.
  •  Ryan thanked a number of people, including the Pohlads, Kelly and Gardenhire, and any other number of administrative personnel, former players, managers, family and friends.
  •  Admits he has a "face for radio".  Nice one, Terry.
  •  Ryan broke down at the end of his thanks when mentioning his wife, saying "I almost made it."
  •  Bill Smith:  "Success of this organization comes from scouting and development."
  •  Smith talked briefly about those changing positions, his expectations of them, the organization and himself.
At this juncture the press conference cut out, I'm not sure if KFAN will come back to it or not.  Regardless, it was strange to hear someone like Ryan (who plays everything "close to the vest") nearly break down; in some ways I think it was bigger just hearing the audio than picking up on the visual.

Wait, they're back to the Dome, with Ryan answering questions.

  •  Ryan says he admires Sid Hartman, says Hartman was loyal to a fault.  We didn't catch the question (presumably from Hartman himself).
  •  This organization will always have difficult personal and financial decisions to make (response to question from LEN III).
  •  Said things could have been much more difficult during the contraction rumors if the administration of the organization had "jumped ship".  Ryan said he always knew he wouldn't leave during that difficult period.
  •  Ryan doubts he'll ever get back into the business as a General Manager.
  •  Jim Pohlad tried to talk Ryan out of stepping down, Ryan insists it was something he thought was in his and the team's best interest.
  •  Ryan says his wife was "elated" on Wednesday night when he informed her of his decision.  He never shyed away from the responsibility of the position, but he's very happy to start having his winters off.
  •  The backlash regarding the disatisfaction following the Castillo trade (public and team oriented) "would have been a good excuse" to step down, but wasn't the reason for his decision to leave the position of GM with the Twins.  He understands the desire of Torii and Johan to stand up for their teammates and what they thought should have been in the best interest of the club, and believes they were his strongest supporters.