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Santana to the Dodgers?

Ben Maller's MLB Rumors over at speculates that Johan Santana could be going to the Dodgers this winter.

Maller goes so far as to mention who Los Angeles would be sending the Twins in return:  Outfielder Matt Kemp and top pitching prospect Clayton Kershaw.  Kemp, 22, is having a great season with the Dodgers, hitting .338/.373/.530 in 234 at-bats.  Kershaw, 19, has been mowing down hitters for A and AA affiliates, striking out better than 12 batters per 9 in parts of two seasons in the minors.

Is it enough?  I certainly don't think so, but I still need to look into it more.  Kemp is promising, but has also seen limited time at the major league level.  Kershaw is one of the best prospects in all of baseball, but at only 19 has a lot of unanswered questions.  Is another pitching prospect what the Twins need?