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A Ray of Hope? Or, Setting me up for more heartbreak...

Buried in a recent article, Ron Gardenhire let go of this little hidden gem:

"I know this season has been a rough one for him offensively, but he's come on lately and he's playing well," Gardenhire said. "He's giving himself an opportunity to come into Spring Training and fight for a job. He'll be an option for second base -- at least be in the mix for it -- and I think that's all he expects."

Coupled with the fact that Alexi Casilla has found himself in the lineup the last 3 days straight and in 4 out of the last 5 games, is this perhaps, even slightly, a ray of hope that we may have a fair fight on spring?  Perhaps this adds credence to the belief that naming Punto the starter was merely a work of skillful motivation for all parties involved.

Or maybe I'm just getting my hopes up again, just like a high school sophmore, only to be shot down by the popular girl, again.

PS:  I'm getting full internet access immenantly in my new digs, so if anyone had noticed my general absence from the site over the last couple of weeks, I'll actually be back somewhat more consistently now.

Just thought a couple of you out there might want to know...