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Labor Day News Update

There is much to discuss in Twinkie Town this evening - only some of it related to on-field goings-on.

1) Joe Christensen at the Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that Torii Hunter turned down a contract offer for three years and $45 million.  As Christensen points out, Hunter was quoted as saying the Twins didn't offer him anything like the original report of four years and $56 million.  Now it turns out he may have turned down more money per year.

My take: Let's assume for the moment that Christensen's report is correct, and also that Hunter has been correctly quoted over the last week or so.  If this is true, then it seems clear that Hunter's angling to get to free agency, and has no special desire to re-sign with the Twins - unless they offer him more money than any other team, of course.  So much for a "hometown discount."

2) Johan Santana lost again today, bringing his record this year to 1-4 (Update: 0-5, sorry) against the Indians.  He also gave up two home runs, the 20th time in 28 games he's allowed a gopher ball, and the sixth time he's allowed two or more.  Santana has allowed 30 dingers, the most of any pitcher in the league.

My take: Santana is also third in the league in WHIP among starters with a sparkling 1.06.  For some reason, 98% of the time, Johan is the best pitcher in the game.  The other 2%, he's a batting-practice pitcher.  Your theories in the comments are appreciated.

3) Back at the Star Tribune, Jim Souhan thinks Joe Mauer is the answer at third base.  Ron Gardenhire and Mauer, on the other hand, disagree - and not respectfully, either.

My take: True, Mauer would be an upgrade at third.  But a re-animated Jimmy Carter zombie would be an upgrade from Nick Punto - and what's the alternative at catcher?  Mike Redmond is good for, at most, 80 games a year, and then you're stuck with a half-season of Chris Heintz.  Is this really what we want out of this "trade"?