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What an amazing game!

In some ways, it doesn't matter that these two teams are embattled contestants who don't deserve any sort of a front-page mention in their home town newspapers by this point in the season.  Regardless, on Friday night two long-time competitors and combatants dealt, blow-for-blow, to a tie exiting the seventh inning.  Each team had its rallies and its chances, but with just two innings left to play the score stood tied at four.

Then came the ninth inning.  Two mammoths exhanging massive blows, each offense striking crucial hits.

Six runs were scored in the ninth.  As improbable as it seems, three consecutive singles led off the inning.  This was followed up by a double and then a home run.  With no outs recorded, five runs had already crossed the plate!  One walk and one strikeout later, there came yet another double.  Six runs crossed the plate in the inning, and the game managed to move on.  Absolutely incredible!

Finally, in the 13th inning, the game was won.  With the bases loaded for the former All-Star catcher, a slider left middle-away was able to make it past both the third baseman and the shortstop.  The runner scored from third base, and the game was finally won after four and a half long hours.

The drama!  The disappointment!  The comeback!!  The ultimate slap in the face by the guy who used to play for the opposition.  It was one helluva win for the home team.  Surely, neither team deserved to win this game, but the better team came out on top on Friday night.  What a comeback...six runs in the ninth before scrapping across one more in extra innings!

Wait.  That was the White Sox.  Never mind.