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Brewers Sign Mike Cameron

As likely as it was that the Twins wouldn't sign Cameron, it's one more option down.

Everyday we inch toward spring training, and everday looks a little bit more like Jason Pridie might be Minnesota's best option to start in center field.  Optimistic of me, absolutely, but he's my favorite out of the options currently in the organization.

Cameron's deal is for one year, with an extra year as a club option.  Financial details are as follows: $5,000,000 salary for 2008 (plus a $1,250,000 signing bonus), bringing his fiscal cost for the Brewers to $4,220,000 after he misses the first 25 games of the season. The club option for 2010 is worth an astounding $10,000,000, but carries a very palatable $750,000 buyout.


Brewers Blog: From author Tom Haudricourt, beat writer for the Journal Sentinel. Haudricourt is, in some sense, to the Brewers who LEN III is to the Twins. Cameron is expected to start in center, shifting Bill Hall to third base (which he should be happy about) which boots Ryan Braun into left field.