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What Are These People Waiting For?

© Southwest Florida News-Press

No, they're not waiting for concert tickets... or the release of "Chinese Democracy"... or a sneak peek at the new SBNation screenshots.

This is the line for Twins tickets.  Spring training tickets, at least.  The Southwest Florida News-Press was there on the first day of ticket sales.

John Alberghini spent the night in his car until 4 a.m., when the gates to the Lee County Sports Complex were rolled open.

The Cape Cod, Mass., resident then became the first in line to buy single-game Minnesota Twins' spring training tickets. "I'm a Red Sox fan," Alberghini said. "I'm here to see the Red Sox play the Twins."

Alberghini said he enjoys rooting for the Twins as well. "I particularly like one of their pitchers," he said, referring to Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana, who has been mentioned in trade talks between the Twins and Red Sox.

"If that could happen," Alberghini said of Boston landing Santana, "that would be a beautiful move for the Red Sox."

... [Twins director of ticket operations Paul] Froehle described the line as the longest he has seen since the Twins began spring training in Fort Myers in 1991. "It's going quite well," Froehle said. "Some games will sell out very quick. We've had great interest, and our season ticket numbers are up."

..."I wanted to be first in line," said [Stephen] Ingber, a Yankee fan who arrived at about 7:30 a.m. and had about 400 people ahead of him. "But I'll take my spot." That game against the Yankees was the only one that sold out Saturday.

On behalf of all Twins fans: thanks for the cash, Yankees and Sox fans.  We appreciate you being willing to pay... or overpay, if you get our drift.