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Who Am I?

Something new today, we'll try it as an experiment and see how you like it.  Take a look at the clues below.  Can you tell me who these players are?

Who am I?

  •  I was originally drafted by the Kansas City Royals
  •  At college in back-to-back seasons, I was a Pac-10 All-Southern OF and a Summer League First-Team All American
  •  Over three seasons in the minor leagues, I made three different All Star teams
  •  My minor league OPS is .822
Who am I?
  •  I was an Olympic Baseball participant
  •  I made one minor league All Star team, eight years after I was drafted
  •  My minor league line is .309/.362/.462
  •  I was originally drafted by the Cincinnati Reds
Who am I?
  •  I hit .370/.426/.481 in my first year in the majors
  •  My World Series OPS is 1.121
  •  In high-A ball I pitched just one inning, striking out two...but my ERA is 36.00
Who am I?
  •  I was an Ivy League All Star in back-to-back seasons prior to being drafted
  •  My minor league OPS is .862
  •  At the major league level I took 268 career walks; only logged 278 career strikeouts