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Twins Exchange Figures With Cuddyer, Guerrier

Minnesota's remaining two arbitration-eligible players will look forward to February's results.

Player     '07 Salary  /   Requested       Offered
Cuddyer    $3,575,000  /  $6,200,000    $4,700,000
Guerrier     $407,500  /  $1,150,000      $750,000

In my mind, each offer from the team and from the player miss the mark.  In spite of this I'm confident that Cuddyer would win this case.  On Guerrier I believe his value is firmly between the two offers, although he has been a major part of the Twins' bullpen over the past three seasons.  Knowing the history of the Twins and their cases that make it through to arbitration, I'd guess that both players would come out as victors.

Speculation continues to leak that the Twins and general manager Bill Smith are looking to ink Cuddyer to a long-term contract.  Cuddyer has expressed a desire to play in the new stadium in 2010, but knows that the deal has to make sense for both parties.