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It's official: Gardy has gone off the deep end

According to Charley Walters, the most reliable source in all of sports journalism, Ron Gardenhire wants Michael Cuddyer in center field.

Here's the quote:

"Torii Hunter's successor in center field for the Twins could be Michael Cuddyer.

'With Delmon Young in right and Jason Kubel in left,' manager Ron Gardenhire said.

That's a consideration of Gardenhire's if minor leaguers Denard Span and Jason Pridie can't convince the manager during spring training that they're ready to succeed Hunter, who left for the Los Angeles Angels via free agency.

'I'm going to talk to Cuddy about it,' Gardenhire said."

Cuddyer would set new record lows for zone rating in center. Combine it with a fly ball staff that does not strike guys out very often and I smell huge trouble.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Gardenhire try it, but abandon it after a week in which balls found gaps more often than dribblers rolled under Juan Castro's glove.

Then again, this might be one of Gardy's patented: "Don't force me to play (Bartlett, Casilla, etc.), I'm going to play (Castro, Rodriguez, Punto etc.)." In other words, paint this guy into a corner and he's bound to do something stupid just to prove a point.