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Guerrier Signs


Avoiding arbitration hearings, the Twins and reliever Matt Guerrier agreed today on a one year contract worth $950,000.  This represents a general compromise by both sides.  The Twins had offered $750,000 in arbitration for Guerrier and Guerrier had requested $1.15 million.

This comes at no surprise as most assumed Guerrier and the Twins would be able to come to an agreement before the time of hearings.

This now leaves only Cuddyer unsigned.  Cuddyer is and was the player with the biggest difference between his asking price and the Twins' offer.  Last year, Cuddyer finally agreed to a contract in a hallway, literally moments before the arbitration hearing was set to began.  The process looks to be about as difficult this year.

I'd like to see a quote from Guerrier or Smith, but there isn't one out there yet.  I'll pass it along when I find one.