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Mets Involve Church In Bid for Santana

Who is this now?  Did you say "Ryan Church"?

Online at the Boston Herald, Michael Silverman says that the most recent activity in the race for Johan still has the Mets as the front-runner, except some of the pieces have changed.  Fernando Martinez is rumored to be included, as well as a combination of pitchers Guerra, Humber and Pelfrey.  Carlos Gomez is NOT mentioned, but outfielder Ryan Church IS.

Church, 29, spent time in the Cleveland farm system before arriving in Montreal.  In the Expos' minor league system he won their minor league player of the year award after his first season.  That year, 2004, he hit .343/.428/.620 in AAA Edmonton as a 25-year old.  Since then he's spent some time in the majors, moreso recently, and after parts of four years and in 997 at-bats owns a very respectable .271/.348/.462 line.

I still prefer a deal that involves the Red Sox, although I'm torn between which is the better offer; the one involving Jacoby Ellsbury or the one involving Jon Lester.  Jed Lowrie I'm positive on.  Everything behind those three players is up for debate, and nothing too different from pitchers from the Mets or Yankees (outside of Hughes naturally).

This thing is far from over.  Although I did have a dream last night that the Mets got Johan for Martinez, Gomez and Pelfrey.

Seriously, who dreams about this crap?