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Who Am I?

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Round 2:  From easiest to most difficult.  Of course, that determination is coming from the guy who picked out the'll likely find some easier than others.

Who Am I?

  •  My first time through the playoffs I hit .326/.415/.391
  •  I was originally drafted by the Phillies
  •  I won a Gold Glove, and two Silver Sluggers
  •  I took 74 more walks than strikeouts in my career
Who Am I?
  •  My minor league line, most of which was with the Twins, was .324/.408/.527
  •  The Kansas City Royals claimed me off waivers from the Twins
  •  I was traded with Gary Sheffield, Charles Johnson, Bobby Bonilla and Manuel Barrios for Todd Zeile and Mike Piazza
Who Am I?
  •  I hit .301/.363/.485 in my rookie campaign
  •  In the last eight years of my career, I walked significantly more than I struck out (519 walks, 383 strikeouts)
  •  I finished second in rookie of the year balloting
  •  Things I did once:  Played in an All Star game, hit more than 30 home runs, tallied more than 100 RBI
Who Am I?
  •  At 18, I was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Washington Senators
  •  The best year of my career came my rookie season, when I hit .260/.342/.521 with 33 home runs
  •  My last season with the Twins wasn't nearly as good as my first three, but after I left Minnesota I wasn't the same player, period
Who Am I?
  •  My best year for the Twins was in my age 29 campaign, when I hit .300/.356/.442
  •  In a three-year stretch with the Twins, I stole 110 bases
  •  When I was 24, the Reds traded me to Minnesota
  •  I never won the MVP, but I finished in the Top 25 in voting five years in a row