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Viva TwinkieTown!

Things are looking good...

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday. I wanted to take a moment to just update everyone on a small handful of things.

First, remember all those hints about things changing? Well, these things will be changing within the next couple of weeks...I'm not entirely sure on an exact timeline as of yet. But very soon, you'll wake up one morning, make a cup o' joe, log onto TwinkieTown...and it'll look like an entirely different place. THIS IS A GOOD THING. I've very excited about what's going to be happening here, and I can't wait for you to see it.

Second, let me brag about our traffic real quick. No, we're not blowing other SBNation sites out of the water, but we're growing susbstantially compared with where we were. Check this out:

Month Visits Views
Dec '05 15,636 53,411
Dec '06 9,994 31,259
Dec '07 25,271 66,225

Jan '06 13,582 42,939
Jan '07 10,360 25,447
Jan '08 24,022 69,053

Prev High 20,619 69,596
That previous high was in September 2006, when the Twins were in the middle of a mad scramble to claw their way to a division title which was won after their regular season ended. The last two months, during the off-season, have (or will) blow those numbers out of the water. This month, over the next couple days, will own the site's records for visits and page views. This is a reflection on everyone, and on the community we've built. Thanks to everyone who's been a part of TwinkieTown in any fasion--reader, commenter or poster. We exist because of you.

Finally, on a personal note, I'll be moving to England soon. This doesn't mean I'm leaving the site, it just means I'm going to be living in my wife's native country. Two weeks from this very moment I'll be somewhere over the Atlantic ocean. While I'm gone you'll be in good and familiar hands (sounds gross but promise, it isn't), and they'll look after you until either A) I get internet hooked up to my house or B) England discovers the internet. I'm hoping for A but let's be honest, they still spell things funny, they're still making up words for regular stuff, and running water isn't guaranteed.

Honestly, it isn't. Hell you can't walk ten feet without coming into contact with something 400 years old....and what does that tell you?

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who makes this site part of your daily blog/Twins stop. Let's go Twins!