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Open Thread: Discussion Topics

I'm bored.  Let's talk baseball.  Here are some random discussion topics; feel free to post your own in the right-hand column.

  1.  How many games will Mike Lamb start at third base for the Twins in 2008?  How productive will he be?  At this early juncture, toss out your early predictions for what kind of production you're expecting from our new "full time" third baseman.
  2.  What's the best move Bill Smith has made so far?  The easy answer is the Garza/Young swap, but it could be more complicated than the easy I'm curious what you think.  On the flip side, is there something that Bill Smith has done that you're not happy with?  Again, not moving Santana is an easy answer, but this too is more complicated than its face value.
  3.  I miss Bat-Girl.  Do you miss Bat-Girl?  Because I do.
  4.  Come up with a joke about the Oakland A's.  No matter how smart it is, it has to be hard for fans to grow accustomed to a player and then see him shipped off...this subjuct should be familiar to Twins fans anyway.  For example, in another thread I made a comment to this effect:  Growing up in the Oakland farm system puts you in the same cycle as old Greek tragedies...but instead of the gods coming down and killing everyone, Billy Beane just trades you.
  5.  Which remaining free agent would you like to see the Twins land?  Is it a realistic scenario?
Five is enough, I don't want to make this too complicated.  Something you want to bounce off the community?  Diaries on the right!