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Minnesota Twins Prospect #7 (Poll)

Alright, with the Prospect Run-Off between Wilson Ramos and Jose Mijares being rather close, the decision was made to rank both of them here and then start the poll up again with Prospect #7. Because of this, I have decided to have ten options for the next vote to get a better feel for which prospects should be on the ballot. It becomes increasingly important to leave some comments on your voting and also give me names of other Twins prospects that should be considered at this level. You will see a couple of new names on this ballot that haven't been there and I wouldn't put in this area, but I am seeing that several voters will vote for guys who have "Been There" so we will see how they do.

  1. Danny Valencia, 3B
  2. Ben Revere, OF
  3. Aaron Hicks, OF
  4. Angel Morales, OF
  5. Wilson Ramos, C
  6. Jose Mijares, LH RP

Off the ballot (for this round) - Jeff Manship, Kevin Mulvey

On the ballot - Rob Delaney, Trevor Plouffe (back on), Brian Duensing, Philip Humber, Matt Macri, Chris Parmelee

Again, please vote for the player that you think is the Twins top prospect among those remaining on the ballot. Poll will be up for approximately 24 hours. Please vote, but also discuss your selection and the players available.

Again, if you have any questions or want to do some research on any of the prospects mentioned, one starting point might be That is my personal Top 10 list, and it has links to all of my top 50 choices.