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Prospect Run-Off (Deolis Guerra vs Luke Hughes)

Well, we have yet another prospect run-off. There were several players that were within striking distance, but I am going to limit the run-off to just two, Deolis Guerra and Luke Hughes...

This ought to be a very interesting vote because the two players are really polar opposites.

1.) Age to Competition - Guerra very young for Hi-A ball. Hughes Still young for AA, quite young for AAA.

2.) Rankings One Year Ago - Guerra came into the season very highly regarded, high on people's lists. Hughes flew under the radar despite a solid 2007 season in New Britian.

3.) 2008 seasons - Guerra was working on mechanics and had a really rough year including walking the same number he struck out. Hughes on the other hand had a breakout season in New Britian that earned him a promotion to Rochester.

4.) 2009 - Guerra could return to Ft. Myers for a 3rd straight season in the Florida State league. Hughes could be given a legitimate shot at a big league job in spring training but will likely at least start the season in Rochester.

5.) Position - Guerra - starting pitcher. Hughes - 3B/2B/OF/DH

6.) Ceiling - Guerra's ceiling is still top of the rotation starter. Hughes ceiling may be super utility player.

7.) Home Country - Guerra is from Venezuela. Hughes if from Australia.

8.) Size - Guerra is 6-5, 220. Hughes is 5-11, 180.

The choice is yours...