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Do the Twins Want Matt Cain?


My understanding is that the Twins covet [Matt] Cain and would be willing to relinquish [Delmon] Young for him.

This is from the San Francisco Giants mailbag at, handled by Chris Haft.

It's always interesting identifying which players the Twins "covet", because often times it's hard to pull actual targets from the white noise of speculation and talk radio.  These identifications give us glimpses inside the organization, into what kind of player comes off as attractive.  If Haft's "understanding" is accurate, well, then the Twins have exquisite tastes.

Cain, 23 in his '08 campaign, had another good year with the Giants.  With a fastball in the low to mid-90's, a good slider, a curve and a changeup, he's a strikeout pitcher who does a pretty good job of keeping the ball in the park.  2008 was his third season being a full-time starter, and just having turned 24 is arbitration eligible and will be in line for a pretty good pay raise.

We know about Delmon Young, 22 this past year.  For all the potential the power only came through once June was in bloom, as he hit all ten of his homers between June and September.  He's going to remain under team control for another three or four years.

While Haft does say he believes the Giants wouldn't make this move straight up, and I wouldn't either if I were them, that doesn't mean the Twins aren't interested.  (I know, I know, it doesn't mean they really ARE, either.)  Cain would immediately give the Twins one of the league's best rotations going into 2009, and give them another affordable, young arm.  Due to the pitching depth currently in the system, it's likely Young would be shipped to San Francisco along with a B-grade pitcher, like Brian Duensing or Philip Humber.

The Giants need hitting more than the Twins need another great young starter, and as much fun as it is to talk about this possibility, right now it just doesn't seem like a good fit.  We'll see how this plays out once the World Series is over and we move through November.