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Minnesota Twins: Community Awards II

Winner of Bummer, 2008: Pat Neshek

Today's award is a bit more auspicious than the Bummer, but just as poignant. (Poignant? Is that the word we're going for here?) The nominees for Minnesota Twins 2008 Comeback Player of the Year are...

Francisco Liriano: After missing all of 2007 recovering from Tommy John surgery, he's a different pitcher--but he was still effective post recall.
Jesse Crain: After missing most of 2007, he threw 62.2 innings in 66 appearances, striking out 50 and being the second-best right-handed relief pitcher on the team.
Nick Punto: After nearly being run out of Minneapolis on a rail following an offensively disasterous 2007 campaign, he bounced back with a respectable .284 average and a decent .344 on-base percentage.

[Editors Note] Now that it's down the page a little, don't forget to vote for Twinkie Town's number four prospect, with polls brought to you by Seth Stohs!